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 Collection of PMD
1. How come all these communication materials are available for free? And why are they sent to me for free as well?

Fost Plus, the organisation behind the sorting shop, bears the cost. Fost Plus is responsible for promoting, coordinating and funding the selective collecting, sorting and recycling of domestic packaging waste in Belgium.

2. Can I also use these materials at home?

The communication materials on this website were specifically designed for companies and organisations. You can and may of course use this material at home too.

3. Who or what is the sorting shop?

The sorting shop is an initiative of Fost Plus. The intention is to assist companies and organisations in the introduction or optimisation of the selective collection of PMD. That is why the sorting shop provides free communication and instruction materials to them.

4. Who or what is Fost Plus?

Fost Plus is responsible for promoting, coordinating and funding the selective collecting, sorting and recycling of domestic packaging waste in Belgium.

You can find more information at

5. How can I contact the sorting shop?

This can be done using the contact form.

6. I found a mistake on your website. How can I report this?

Please report this to the site administrator using this contact form.

7. What is this website’s cookie policy?

This website uses cookies: small bits of information stored on your computer by your browser, which are used to improve your user experience. You can disable cookies in your browser, but this may affect your user experience.

8. How do the sorting shop and Fost Plus process my data?

Fost Plus cares about your privacy and always acts in accordance with the provisions of the Belgian Privacy Act (Law of 8 December 1992 on the protection of privacy in relation to the processing of personal data).

Read this Privacy Statement to find out more about how personal data is collected and processed on this website (“Website”). By using this Website, you explicitly agree with how Fost Plus collects and processes personal data, as described below.

The data communicated by you via the Website is only used to allow you to register and to optimise the operation of the Website. The information is not used for any other purpose.

By communicating this personal data, you explicitly agree that Fost Plus can save and process this data for the purposes mentioned above.

Under no circumstances will your e-mail address or user name be communicated to third parties who are not part of Fost Plus. By contrast, we are entitled at all times to communicate any personal data we have received to third parties if obliged to do so by the competent authorities or when this is crucial for protecting our legitimate interests.

In addition to this, we collect certain personal data which is sent by your browser to each website that you visit. This data includes your IP address, browser type and the time you accessed the Website. This information is collected for statistical purposes and for the improvement of this Website only.

9. How can I order more?

To place another order, log into the webshop and place a new order. You will receive a confirmation e-mail once your order has been processed.

10. Can I order by phone?

No, you can’t.

11. How can I check if my order was registered correctly?

A confirmation e-mail will be sent to the e-mail address you provided once your order is registered.

12. I would like to place an order for several departments in my company or organisation, which are established in different locations. How can I do this?

When you place an order for several departments in your company or organisation and these departments are in different locations, you can mention this in the comments field.

Fost Plus, however, will always deliver everything to one location. You yourself are responsible for distributing the materials to the different departments.

13. Where can I see what exactly I ordered?

Once you have placed an order and have logged in to our webshop, you can see an overview of your orders under the “My orders” link, at the bottom of the page.

14. Can I track my order through your website?

No, you can’t. You will, however, receive a confirmation e-mail once your order has been registered and once your order has been dispatched. Please contact us by mail if you want to check the status of your order after this time.

15. How can I cancel an order?

Please contact Fost Plus at the contact page of this webshop, if you want to cancel an order.

16. How long before my order is delivered?

Your orders are processed within a week, and shipped four weeks after you placed it. In case of temporary stock shortage delivery may take a bit longer.

17. Can I pick my own delivery date?

No, you can’t. The goods will be delivered to you within six weeks after your order. You cannot extend the delivery period.

 Waste containers
18. Which waste containers should I use?
19. How much does a waste container cost?

The price depends on the manufacturer, the type and the size. We recommend contacting a supplier for further information.

20. Where can I buy waste containers?
21. What is PMD?

The acronym “PMD” stands for Plastic packaging, Metal packaging and Drink cartons. Click here for the PMD sorting rules.

22. Can I use the same PMD bags at work as I do at home?

If you have a contract with a waste collector for the collection of your PMD, then they will provide you with the right bags. The words “Entreprises - Bedrijven / PMC - PMD” (Companies - PMD) are printed on these bags. If you rely on the municipal waste collection services, you must use the municipal PMD bags.

 PMD collection
23. How many PMD bags can I put out?

No maximum quantity applies if you have a contract with a waste collector for the collection of your PMD. If you use the municipal collection services, you may put out a maximum of four 60-litre PMD bags per collection.

24. Who collects my PMD?

Companies have three options. First, you can add a service to your existing contract with a waste collector, so that they will also collect your PMD from that point on. The second option consists of concluding a new contract. Here is a list of certified PMD collectors. These collectors have signed a contract with Fost Plus. As a result, they receive compensation for the financing of the collection and processing costs.

In the third scenario, you use the municipal PMD collection service. In that case, you may not put out more than four 60-litre PMD bags. Usually, either an intermunicipal company or a private operator collects PMD every two weeks in your municipality.

25. May I put out PMD for the municipal waste collector?

You may, on condition that you do not put out more than four 60-litre PMD bags on average.

26. Does the duty to sort also apply to a company that disposes of very low quantities of PMD?

The compulsory collection of PMD applies to every company, regardless of the quantity of waste. To date, Wallonia still has a minimum threshold of 60 litres of PMD per week.

27. How do I know whether the municipality will collect my PMD?

The municipal collection of PMD is only organised in residential areas. Contact your municipality or intermunicipal company for further information.

28. How much does it cost to empty a PMD bag or container?

If you have signed a contract with a waste collector, the cost depends on the service and the rate conditions set out in your contract. If you use the municipal collection services, the cost for the collection of your PMD is included in the price of the PMD bags. A bag costs no more than 25 cents.

29. Can I group my PMD with other nearby companies?

Yes, you can, if your waste collector agrees to this.

30. We share a building with other companies. What should we do?

You should proceed in the same way as you do for the collection of other waste. Discuss how to proceed with the other companies in the building and with the waste collector.

31. Is there any margin for error allowed for PMD?

Your company is responsible for the quality of the PMD that is sorted. If you dispose of PMD that does not comply with the sorting rules, then your bag will be rejected by the collector. It does not matter whether you have a contract with a waste collector or if your PMD is picked up during the municipal waste collection.

32. What happens to the collected PMD?

The PMD will be divided into various segments (PET, HDPE, steel, aluminium and drink cartons) in a sorting centre. The processing companies will then recycle these waste segments. More information can be found at

33. Why must we now also sort PMD in companies?

The collection of PMD in companies has been a legal requirement in Belgium for a number of years.

34. What is the legal framework of this obligation?

Please refer to the VLAREMA for Flanders. You can find further information about the obligation for Wallonia in the Belgian Official Journal of 16 March 2015. Visit for the Brussels-Capital Region.