Launch your sorting project

Our communication materials make sorting so much easier. And if you follow the four-step plan below, you will be perfectly prepared to successfully launch your sorting campaign.

1. Choose the right waste containers2. Inform everyone3. Motivate and adjust4. Logistical follow-up

You can test your sorting knowledge with our e-learning module. It's the ideal way to inform and train your cleaning staff. 

1. Choose the right waste containers

A successful sorting campaign starts with the right infrastructure.

Which ones and how many?

Waste containers come in all sorts and sizes. The smallest ones can contain 20 litres of waste, while you can dispose of up to 240 litres in the largest ones. Make sure that you choose the right size of your waste containers, based on the estimated use. In order to properly sort your waste, you will need at least three waste containers: one for residual waste, one for PMD and one for paper and cardboard. We recommend choosing a blue waste container or a waste container with a blue lid for PMD waste.

Where can I buy waste containers?

How and where should I put them?

We recommend grouping the waste containers in one or more sorting islands. Make sure users can immediately see which type of waste belongs in which container. Use the identification stickers and the stickers with sorting instructions available from our webshop for this.

Tip: Make sure there are waste containers in all the places where your employees eat or drink, e.g. in dining rooms and cafeterias, as well as in open-plan offices and meeting rooms.


2. Inform your employees and visitors

Being well informed is half the battle.

All aboard!

In order to successfully launch your sorting campaign, you must first inform everyone about your plans. Otherwise only a small segment of your employees and visitors will spontaneously use the waste containers in the right way. And that can’t be your intention surely?


We recommend informing your employees by e-mail or sending them a message through the internal communication channels. Obviously you can also kick off your campaign during a staff meeting. Use our posters to keep your visitors well informed too.

Tip: Don’t forget to inform your cleaning staff. You can use a special e-learning module for this.


3. Motivate and adjust

Did you get off to a flying start? Try to keep up the momentum in the long term too…

Positieve vibes

Encouragement can do wonders. So occasionally send your employees an e-mail or a message, in which you share your positive evaluation of the sorting campaign. Things not always going according to plan? Don’t hesitate to mention this as well, as long as you emphasise the positive aspects. In any event, the motivation of all the people concerned is crucial for the success of your sorting campaign.

Quality control

Don’t count on everything going perfectly from the start. It’s not because people have been properly informed and are motivated that they will suddenly always sort their waste as they should. So check, for example, whether there aren’t any plastic cups in the PMD bin. Work together with the cleaning staff where necessary. In case of doubt, always refer to the sorting guide and inform your employees to avoid frequently occurring mistakes in the future.


4. Logistical follow-up

Choose a reliable partner

Who collects your PMD?

Contact a certified waste collector to expand your current contract or conclude a new one. Make agreements with your waste collector about the collection frequency, the costs, and so on. They can also give you customised advice.

You can also rely on the municipal waste collection services, as long as you do not dispose of more than four 60-litre bags on average every two weeks and if they pass by your company.

Which PMD bags do I need?

You need to dispose of your waste in the right PMD bags. If you work with a waste collector, then this company will provide the right bags to you. However, some waste collectors prefer to collect PMD in bulk, usually in containers.

If you prefer to have your bags collected by the municipal waste services, then use the bags provided to you by your municipality or intermunicipal company.

What if your PMD was not collected?

If your PMD bags contain too much waste that does not comply with the PMD guidelines, then your collector will not collect your PMD bags. In that case, we recommend reviewing the sorting rules and removing the incorrectly sorted items from your PMD. Your PMD will be picked on the next collection round.