Why this initiative?

The sorting shop is an initiative of Fost Plus. The intention is to assist companies and organisations in the introduction of the selective collection of PMD in their buildings.

Sorting in your company, a legal requirement

Companies in Flanders (1 July 2013) and Brussels (2 February 2014) are required to selectively collect PMD. This obligation will also come into effect in Wallonia on 1 January 2016.

Fost Plus makes life easier for you

The introduction of the sorting obligation poses a challenge for many companies and organisations. Fost Plus wants to help them manage their sorting efforts with the sorting shop. For example, companies can use the free communication materials to inform employees and visitors.

Better sorting, more efficient recycling

The better we sort, the more efficient our recycling efforts become. Incorrectly sorted packaging disrupts the recycling process and undermines the end quality of the recycled materials.

That is why the sorting shop also pays a great deal of attention to the correct sorting of PMD. We have sorting guides and posters that explain the sorting rules in a visual and summary manner.

Fost Plus’s mission

Fost Plus is responsible for promoting, coordinating and funding the selective collecting, sorting and recycling of packaging waste in Belgium.

You can find more information about Fost Plus at www.fostplus.be.

Starter kit

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