You have started to sort your waste, but it doesn't work

You have recently set up a waste sorting system in your company, but you have noticed it is not working properly.

Don't worry: this is completely normal, changes in habits always take time. It is mainly a question of supporting the right sorting behaviour as much as possible, in a conscious and unconscious way.

The good news is that there are a series of simple tips & tricks to improve the results of your sorting project. Analyse your situation through a self-diagnosis based on the 5 pillars for out-of-home sorting: Commitment - Infrastructure - Involvement - Logistics - Monitoring.

For more information, go to the page "Start your sorting project".

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  • Management involvement (CSR, environmental policy, …)
  • Announcement of the sorting project
  • Strong willingness to sort for recycling
  • Appointment of a responsible for the project within the company
  • Allocation of a budget 


  • Analysis of the basic situation (waste) in your organisation
  • Regular quality control of the sorting process
  • Control of quantities collected by your waste partner
  • Feedback to employees & visitors (positive & negative) 


  • Well-organized sorting islands, clearly visible
  • Suitable bins for the type and volumes of waste collected, easily recognisable
  • Respect for the colour code
  • Use of the right bags (for example, blue for PMD)
  • Clear (what goes where) and visible sorting instructions  


  • Information, motivation and involvement of all employees and visitors, from the start and through different channels.
  • Communication in the sorting zones (for staff, but also for visitors)
  • Staff training (for example e-learning) 


Involvement of the entire chain:

  • cleaning staff: training, delivery of bags, maintenance of waste bins
  • waste collection: via contract with private partner who provides regular feedback, or via household collection of the municipality