Sorting PMD is to be easier at work, too. From now on, in addition to the standard PMD packaging, all household plastic packaging can go in the PMD bags. Please note: pallet wrapping films and packaging for industrial use (e.g. raw material bags, etc.) do NOT belong in here.

For the PMD bags that you give in via the household collection rounds, the new sorting rules apply everywhere as of 1 April 2021 at the latest (except in Wallonia for the Tibi, in BW and Idelux regions). As of this date, your private collector will also start collecting PMD according to these new sorting rules.

There will no longer be a difference between the sorting rules at home and at work. Easy!

In Wallonia, the final phase of the launch of the new sorting rules will be on 1 July for Tibi and in BW and as of 1 October for Idelux.

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